"Meredith creates an atmosphere through her philosophy, approach to yoga and sense of humour that allows students to leave the day behind or put the day into perspective." 

- Marla Glass, Yoga student

"Meredith brings an incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to her students. Along with being a wonderful and attentive teacher, she creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity. "
- Alison Strike, Yoga student
"Meredith has that 'Something Special' that makes a rookie at meditation feel comfortable. I'm grateful to have had this time with her to breathe and reflect. I have learned over time to meditate alone for brief intervals and that has become a gift I can use for the rest of my life."
- Kae Edwards, Meditation student
"The yoga class I take with Meredith is a sanctuary of calm and inspiration. It forms the centre of my week, a stable balancing point that brings me calm, strength and energy. I am grateful for the way her practice helps me respect my body's limitations, rekindle my youthful vitality, and strengthen my weaknesses."
- Donna Matthews, Yoga student