Move. Breathe. Connect.

At YogaMind, we believe that having a sense of purpose and feeling connected are the keys to living a full, enriched and happy life. The practices of yoga and meditation can foster a deeper self-awareness and connection to others by developing a greater mind-body relationship through the power and presence of movement and breath.

With over 25 years of experience and training, Meredith Fellowes offers private and small group classes designed to make the experience of yoga and meditation accessible to all levels from beginner to advanced. She provides hands on instruction and individual attention to help each student thrive both on and off the mat.

It's time to move, breathe and connect.


With a focus on body alignment and breath, yoga  develops strength and flexibility, slowing the body’s aging process over time. Enjoy better sleep, increased energy, relief from muscle pain and stiffness, and improved overall circulation. No experience necessary.

Group Yoga  |  Private Yoga


Through guided meditation learn to become more self-aware and to manage your thoughts, emotions and responses to everyday situations and stressful life events. Improve focus, attention and resiliency to live more fully in the moment.  No experience necessary.

Group Meditation  |  Private Meditation


If you prefer one-on-one attention or you have a group of friends and colleagues looking for a healthy activity, our private and customized group classes are a great option. You will reach your goals faster and on your own terms.

Private Yoga & Meditation Classes

Private and custom yoga and meditation class